• Tue. May 28th, 2024

Heineken partners with Blue Yonder technology to enhance demand planning in their brand’s retail sector — Retail Technology Innovation Hub


May 15, 2024

Corneel Hindriks, Manager of Digital & Technology – Global Planning, expresses the company’s commitment to continuously improving its supply chain processes by adopting Blue Yonder Cognitive Demand Planning. He believes that this step is crucial in achieving their ambition to become the best-connected brewer and enhance functional excellence in demand planning for a better customer experience. Additionally, he mentions the potential positive impact on sustainability goals, such as reducing write-offs and goods movements.

Terry Turner, President of Manufacturing at Blue Yonder, is proud to support Heineken’s mission to become the best connected brewer as supply chain management leaders. The future-proof solution provided by Blue Yonder helps Heineken adapt to changing market conditions and new external dynamics, ensuring sustainable, agile, and competitive supply chains. By utilizing Blue Yonder Cognitive Demand Planning, Heineken can optimize its supply chain to ensure customers worldwide have access to their preferred beers.

Overall, the collaboration between Heineken and Blue Yonder in implementing Cognitive Demand Planning is seen as a significant step towards improving supply chain processes for the brewer. This partnership aims to deliver the best customer experience, enhance sustainability goals, and ensure that Heineken remains a competitive and agile player in the market.


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