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Helicopter crash into Swiss mountain claims three lives


Apr 2, 2024

Three people lost their lives on Tuesday morning after a helicopter crashed into a mountainside on Mount Petit Combin in the canton of Valais, southwestern Switzerland. The Valais police confirmed the incident, stating that three others on board survived the crash. The helicopter, identified as a type B3, was dropping off heli-skiers when it crashed on the landing site of Petit Combin. The aircraft slid down the north slope of the 3,668-meter-high mountain, leading to the tragic accident. An investigation will be conducted to determine the cause of the crash.

Among the occupants of the helicopter were the pilot, a mountain guide, and four clients. Two of the injured individuals received immediate medical attention before being transported to a hospital in Sion. A third person was rescued from the crash site, while three others were found deceased, according to the police. Local media reported that seven helicopters were involved in the rescue operation following the incident. This marks the third helicopter accident in Valais since mid-February, as reported by the regional newspaper The Nouvelliste.

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