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Helsinki Stock Exchange Opens Near Zero, SSAB Continues Decline


Apr 3, 2024

After a period of trading, the stock exchange’s general index increased by 0.1 percent to 9738.37 points. The most traded stock in the morning was the bank Nordea, with its share price rising by 1.4 percent to 10.76 euros. Among the twelve most traded stocks, half were rising and half were falling.

During the morning, a mining company, Sotkamo Silver, saw its share price increase by 2.3 percent to 0.10 euros. Similarly, a technology supplier for the glass processing industry, Glaston, saw its share price rise by 3.5 percent to 0.88 euros, accompanied by a target price increase from investment firm Inderes.

On the other hand, a steel company, SSAB, saw its B share fall by 1.7 percent to 6.30 euros following a major investment decision in Sweden. In other news, IT service company Vincit announced changes in its management team to align with customer markets.

Konecranes, a lifting equipment company, announced the acquisition of German maintenance company Kocks Kranbaun to expand its presence in port services. Meanwhile, changes in leadership were announced at Advium Corporate Finance and eQ, and share prices fluctuated accordingly.

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