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Helsinki Stock Exchange Sees Modest Gain


Nov 21, 2023

rewrite this content and create paragraphs The general index of the Helsinki Stock Exchange was up 0.3 percent at around 9,794.4 points at Tuesday’s opening.Most of the most traded stocks on the exchange were on the rise. Nordic the stock was the most traded, rising 0.3 percent and Nokian up 0.1 percent.An accounting office was at the top of the stock market’s rise Administer up 6.3 percent. On Tuesday, the analysis house Inderes raised the company’s recommendation to the level of buy from the previous level of add.The elevator company Kone announced the order for a total of 63 elevators and destination control systems for the Zhejiang University Alumni Headquarters Economic Park in Hangzhou, East China.Kone’s share was up 0.2 percent.In the morning Verkkokauppa.com, Talkative and SRV told about strategy updates.Verkkokauppa.com said that it aims for faster growth than the market.In the strategy for the period 2024-2028, the company aims for faster than the market, annual revenue growth (CAGR) of more than 5 percent, an operating profit margin of more than 5 percent, and a decrease in fixed costs to less than 10 percent of revenue by the end of 2028. The company’s goal is to pay 60–80 percent of the annual net profit as increasing quarterly dividends.However, according to the release, in order to improve the equity ratio, the board will propose to the 2024 general meeting that no dividend will be paid for the 2023 result.The online store’s share was up 1.9 percent in the morning market.Taaleri, on the other hand, informed that the core of the updated strategy is private equity business and significant industrial investments, especially in the bio industry. The company’s goal is to increase the assets under management to 4 billion euros and increase the amount of the group’s direct industrial investments to at least 100 million euros by the end of 2026.Taaleri’s vision is to become one of the leading internationally active investors in bioindustry and renewable energy.At the same time, the company renewed its growth goals. In the long term, Taaleri aims to increase the group’s continuous profits and profit commissions by at least 15 percent, to have a return on equity of at least 15 percent, and to pay a dividend of at least 50 percent of the financial year’s profit.Other financial goals remained unchanged. According to the company, the return on equity target varies in different businesses based on their capital intensity and profitability.Taaleri also said in a separate announcement in the morning that the company’s director of real estate business They Sten leaves his position and the management team immediately. He has been appointed to the position and as a member of the management team from 1 January 2024 Mikko Krootila.Taaleri shares were traded in Monday’s closing readings.The construction company SRV outlined a portfolio optimized for market conditions and risk management, life-cycle-wise construction, value-producing customer work, efficiency and digitalization, as well as corporate culture, people and expertise as five strategic priorities. The company said that it aims to increase the share of housing construction in turnover to the level of 30–40 percent.The company’s goals by the end of 2027 are an operating profit of at least 50 million euros and a turnover of more than 900 million euros. Previously, the goals were an operating profit margin of 6 percent and a turnover of 900 million euros. The dividend policy remains unchanged: Its goal is to distribute a dividend of 30-50 percent of the annual profit, taking into account the company’s prospects and capital needs.SRV’s share was up 2.5 percent in the morning.R.Joanne Burnett’s answer to At this moment, are you currently buying cryptocurrencies yes, no, and why? – Quora
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