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Here’s Why Scientists Recommend Wearing Red and Green Colors During the Eclipse


Apr 2, 2024

On Monday, a solar eclipse will occur, bringing moments of darkness to those in the path of totality, which extends from Mexico to Canada. While gazing at the sky, scientists recommend wearing red and green together to experience the unique Purkinje effect, where reds appear darker and muted while greens remain vibrant. Czech anatomist Jan Evangelista PurkynÄ› first discovered this phenomenon 200 years ago by observing the different colors of flowers at dawn compared to during the bright afternoon sun.

The human eye has receptors called rods and cones located on the retina that are responsible for vision. Rods are active in low light levels, providing no help with colors and low spatial acuity, known as scotopic vision. Cones, on the other hand, are active in bright light, providing high spatial acuity and the ability to see colors, known as photopic vision. Mesopic vision occurs when light levels are in between dark and bright, with both cones and rods active, and this is why eyesight seems worse at dawn or dusk.

During the eclipse, the sky darkens suddenly, causing a shift in how colors are perceived. Reds will appear darker while greens will seem brighter, making the presence of these colors quite striking. Keep in mind that this change is a physiological effect and cannot be captured in photographs. If you plan to photograph the eclipse, be sure to use proper equipment and never look directly at the sun without adequate eye protection. Stay safe and enjoy the astronomical event.

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