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Heroes Embracing Laziness with Technology


Nov 20, 2023

Technology has begun to impact the portrayal of heroes in films, with a focus on physical appearance and facial expressions becoming more crucial. It is imperative for film heroes to maintain a polished look. However, there is a growing trend where heroes are enhancing their physical attributes through technological means.

The use of computer-generated work in films gives the impression that body shape is no longer as important. Digital editing allows for the manipulation of waist, stomach, and other features to suit preferences. Brightening facial features is also achieved through digital editing.

Carving the images of heroes digitally incurs a high cost, particularly in Bollywood. This has led to a decline in the reliance on heroes’ natural attributes.

Irregular sleep patterns and habits are contributing to changes in body shapes, with digital checks being considered a blessing during such times. The culture of body doubles in fight scenes has evolved to extend to most scenes, not only in Bollywood but also in Tollywood.

A significant portion of top hero movies now heavily relies on body doubles, with close-ups being shot during the hero’s availability. Additionally, it is becoming imperative to digitally correct the images of senior heroes, especially in flashback episodes.

The emergence of body doubles and digital enhancements is causing delays in movie releases and leading to increased production costs.

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