“High School Junior Composes Graduation Parody of “We are the World””

Wilson Central High School in Lebanon has found a unique way to leave their mark before graduation day. Every year, the graduating seniors create a new graduation parody video. Chase Thompson, a television student, took on the ambitious task of creating a parody of the hit song, “We Are the World,” for the Class of 2023. The parody video not only featured rewritten lyrics, but also a one-shot music video that was shot on campus.

Senior Emma Groves played the iconic role of Cyndi Lauper, and she was amazed by how much fun it was to record the song and video. “In between classes, we recorded all the audio and layered all the tracks,” Groves said. It’s pretty impressive, considering that she and her classmates might not have been familiar with some of the artists they were mimicking.

Television teacher Tim Smith wore a wig and held a clothespin to his nose to imitate Bob Dylan’s signature nasal voice. Smith said that the great thing about the project was that it allowed students to learn different parts of technology while letting their creative juices flow.

The students themselves had an amazing time, and it was a project they’ll never forget. Jeremiah Marsh, who played Billy Joel, expressed his excitement in seeing the final product come together. Meanwhile, Kwavena Bauer, who played Ray Charles, said that she did her best to stay true to her role. Finally, Emma Groves shared her happiness with the finished product. All of the parody videos are available to watch on the school’s website.

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