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His candidacy is at risk due to doubts about his mental health


Feb 11, 2024

The king was left naked, outside the teleprompter that usually muffles his confusion, and in front of a swarm of journalists who wanted to ask him about his mental health. Joe Biden unintentionally exposed himself and all the doubts about his mental health in an instant, leaving him at a fatal moment that could cost him re-election in November. It was a tragic day for Democrats when Biden was exonerated by the special prosecutor of the Department of Justice in an investigation, but was described as “a nice, well-intentioned old man with a bad memory.”

In a few words, the special prosecutor report touched a sensitive and explosive fiber in Biden’s presidential campaign – his mental health. At 81 years old, Biden is the oldest person to serve as president and is the oldest to run for re-election. Republicans began to question the condition of Biden, and there were even mentions of using the 25th Amendment to revoke the president’s mandate if he is mentally unfit. This brought doubts about Biden’s cognitive acuity and temperament to the forefront when people were looking for stability and reasoning on the subject. The report has now become a serious deficit that threatens his re-election.

Reactions to the special prosecutor’s report varied, with President Biden himself trying to control the damage and assure Americans that his memory is fine. However, he was seen confused with emotional and wrong answers in his impromptu press conference at the White House. It has been a disaster for the campaign in many ways. An editorial from The New York Times also called it one of the darkest moments of Biden’s presidency, and the impact of this week’s events has not yet been measured in the polls.

In the midst of all this, there was an opposing force – Donald Trump. He made a post on the Truth Social network about the prosecutor’s report and referred to Biden’s “hazy memory” and repeated his “Sleepy Joe” nickname from the 2020 campaign. As the elections are still about nine months away, perceptions of Biden’s physical and mental ability will be determined primarily by what voters see of him as the campaign heats up.

The impact of Biden’s setback has not yet been measured in the polls, and Democratic campaign must react quickly because perceptions of Biden’s physical and mental ability will be determined primarily by what voters see of him as the campaign heats up. The risk can be very high, but alternative strategies need to be considered to demonstrate his competence in leading the country.

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