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Hong Kong Student’s Virtual Business Sheds Light on a Disturbing Sexual Assault Incident at University Camp


Sep 17, 2023

A 21-year-old student in Hong Kong has created a unique platform that accepts various jobs and requests. The student, known as hin-hin, takes on tasks himself or delegates them to others for a fee. In addition to job requests, hin-hin also offers a platform for people to express their grievances and find support. This endeavor has caught the attention of the university, exposing recent allegations and arrests related to sexual assault. The platform operates through an Instagram page called “Hin Hin Man Si Ok”, which translates to “house of 10,000 businesses” from Cantonese.

In an interview, the student shared his motivation behind creating the platform. Having had many part-time jobs in high school, he found life to be monotonous and wanted to build a platform that connects people and allows them to solve problems together. The business operates on a free-price system, with tasks ranging from cleaning and cooking to writing letters or providing wake-up calls. However, recent events have shed light on the misuse of this platform, with three victims claiming to have been sexually assaulted during university orientation camps.

The first victim, a new nursing student at the University of Hong Kong (HKU), reached out to hin-hin through a direct message, followed by two more victims seeking help. Hin-hin did not charge any fees for their cases. The allegations of misconduct by students involved in the Young Entrepreneurship Program have caused public concern and led to the arrest of two suspects studying at HKU and the College of Education. The student expressed satisfaction that his involvement played a role in the suspects’ arrest and raising awareness about the incident.

Hin-hin’s Instagram page has gained a significant following of over 29,000 users. On average, he helps around 40 customers per month and earns approximately HK$20,000. Aside from completing tasks, hin-hin also offers a listening ear to those who need someone to talk to. He connects people with others who can help when he cannot personally handle a request. While he has encountered various memorable jobs, such as officiating a wedding reception or babysitting children, hin-hin adheres to a policy of not accepting requests involving personal grudges, crowdfunding, or illegal activities.

Despite the challenges of being available 24/7, hin-hin plans to continue running his one-man operation on social media. He believes that finding a stranger to talk to or ask for help can make people feel safer. He values the opportunity to meet new people, learn new things, and enrich lives, even if it does not bring in a lot of money.

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