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Honor Health’s NICU Babies Celebrate Super Bowl LVIII with Adorable Dress-Up


Feb 11, 2024

The Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers are receiving some adorable support from their tiniest fans. Over the weekend, Honor Health shared photos of NICU patients dressed up to show their support for Super Bowl LVIII. The images featured one baby dressed up as Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid, complete with a mustache. Another baby was dressed as Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes, and a baby girl posed as a 49ers cheerleader with pom poms. Additionally, there was a cute referee throwing a flag, a baby in a 49ers quarterback Brock Purdy jersey, and little ones photographed sleeping next to Gatorade bottles.

Honor Health also highlighted that their Scottsdale Shea Medical Center is home to a Level III NICU, which provides care for babies as small as 1.01 pounds. These heartwarming photos captured the spirit of the Super Bowl and brought joy to the families of these little fans.

The adorable display of support highlighted the resilience and strength of these tiny NICU patients. The photos showcased the dedication of the medical staff at Honor Health, providing specialized care for these fragile infants. The heartwarming images are a reminder of the importance of community and support, even during major events like the Super Bowl. These little fans are truly champions in their own right, and their spirit and strength serve as an inspiration to all.

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