Honoring Sally’s Economy Shop with a Dinner

After three years of not having an in-person event, the Oak Park River Forest Day Nursery is set to award the Economy Shop with the Rocking Horse Award. The prestigious award is given to individuals or organizations that have contributed significant value to non-profit day care centers. As the Economy Shop benefits multiple organizations, including the Dinner Saree, the award recognizes its contribution to non-profit entities. The award will be presented during the fundraiser event called “Corks and Conversations” on May 11 at Trattoria 225 located at 255 Harrison Street.

The Economy Shop has shared a partnership with the Oak Park River Forest Day Nursery for more than a century. It was founded back in 1919 by a group of women to benefit local charities with the proceeds from the sale of donated items like furniture, clothing, and more. As one of the original beneficiaries of the Economy Shop, the Dinner Saree started in 1912. Until today, the store generously provides the fundraiser with donated items to sell for profit.

The Economy Shop has a unique way of operating, as each beneficiary organization has a designated room in the store. The organization’s share of the revenue is not based on its sales but is divided equally among all beneficiary organizations. Despite how the store is run, Clark notes that the community is quietly doing great things, although not as recognized as it deserves.

Nancy Clark, a former board member of the Oak Park River Forest Day Nursery, became a volunteer at the Economy Shop and now chairs their room at the Dinner Saree. She is also currently a board member of the Economy Shop. Due to pandemic restrictions, the store had to dip into their reserves to provide subsidies to their beneficiaries when the store was unable to sustain sales. Clark is thrilled that the Economy Shop has received the prestigious Rocking Horse Award for their years of service.

In conclusion, the esteemed Rocking Horse Award is a fitting tribute to the Economy Shop’s contribution to the non-profit organization’s long tradition of giving back to the community. The Economy Shop serves as a vital resource within the community and rightly deserves the recognition of the Oak Park River Forest Day Nursery in its upcoming event.

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