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Hostages in Gaza hospital tunnels featured in Israel’s videos


Nov 20, 2023

The Israeli Army recently shared images that they claim are from the surveillance cameras at the Shifa hospital in Gaza, portraying several hostages being taken to the hospital after being kidnapped on October 7. According to the Israeli Army and intelligence services, the images prove that Hamas used the hospital as terrorist infrastructure on the day of the kidnapping. Additionally, military spokesman Daniel Hagari stated that the hostages seen in the images are men from Nepal and Thailand, and that there are still two hostages unaccounted for.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu defended Israel’s raid on the hospital, stating that his country’s intelligence services had “strong indications” that hostages captured by Hamas were at the Shifa hospital. He claimed that they were moved from the hospital before the raid took place. The IDF also found weapons and Hamas militia clothing at the hospital, as well as an underground tunnel with an armored door.

However, Gazan authorities claim that the hospital was not used for military purposes at any time. The images are timestamped October 7, 2023, the day Hamas militants stormed southern Israel, killing civilians and taking hostages, which led to Israel’s bombing attack and ground raid on the Gaza Strip.

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