Hotel identified as location of stolen AirPods by vigilant business owner

Starting a small business requires a lot of bravery, and Justin Petersen and his wife know this firsthand as they established Simple Yoga Fitness in Woods Cross, Utah. The studio features an LED screen that allows yogis to practice in tropical locations worldwide. Petersen began the venture over a year and a half ago to embark on an adventure. However, this week, his shop was broken into along with a nearby Zao Asian Cafe and T-Mobile store.

During the robbery, the thieves stole Petersen’s AirPods. Using tracking software on his phone, he discovered the headphones were at a Motel 6 nearby. Petersen contacted the Woods Cross Police and gave them the location. Detective Kimberly Burton used the tracking software to pinpoint the room where the stolen items, including Petersen’s AirPods, were found. The police arrested the man who was staying there, Austin James Nicholas, and discovered other items related to several burglaries.

As a small business owner, Petersen worked too hard to let go of his stolen belongings. He was thrilled to have found his AirPods and grateful for the assistance of Detective Burton and the Woods Cross Police department. The simple robbery was a reminder that starting a small business requires courage, determination, and risks.

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