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How can we hope for prosperity and excellence when the prime minister prioritizes education over the importance of the minister’s education?


Nov 21, 2023

The first session of this week in the Parliament began with the presentation of free positions, a day earlier than usual due to the debate on the budget proposal for 2024. The session saw discussions on various issues including family policies, pro-natal policies, gender ideology, and the handling of African swine fever.

The parliament members spoke about their vision for Croatia, expressing their desire for the country to prioritize the family, maintain safety, and promote the production of healthy food. They also discussed concerns about the budget, including the deficit, expenditure increases, and the impact on workers and pensioners.

The need for necessary reforms in housing, education, healthcare, and employment policies was also raised. The session included discussions on the state of the education system and concerns about academic honesty and intellectual work not being valued in society.

Overall, the session covered a wide range of topics, reflecting the diverse interests and concerns of the parliament members regarding the future of Croatia.

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