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How Ran Carthon Turned a “Pipe Dream” into Pursuing Calvin Ridley


Apr 3, 2024

When the news broke that wide receiver Calvin Ridley would be signing with the Titans last month, many were surprised as the Jaguars and Patriots were thought to be the leading contenders for his services. General Manager Ran Carthon revealed that even the Titans were taken aback by the turn of events. Despite considering Ridley as part of their plan, they had initially viewed it as more of a pipe dream due to financial constraints. However, with key players leaving for other teams in the opening hours of free agency, discussions arose among Carthon, Chad Brinker, and Brian Callahan about making a move for the wideout.

After sleeping on the decision, they ultimately decided to push for Ridley the following morning, leading to a swift agreement. Team owner Amy Adams Strunk even called Carthon during negotiations, showing their commitment to securing the deal. Carthon credited the teamwork within the organization for making the deal happen and expressed hope for a successful season under Callahan’s leadership. The quick and unexpected acquisition of Ridley reflects the Titans’ willingness to adapt and pursue opportunities that arise, ultimately aiming for success on the field.

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