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How to Stream Today’s Rugby World Cup Games: Complete TV Schedule, Channels, Times, and Online Viewing Options


Sep 10, 2023

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The 2023 Rugby World Cup kicked off on September 8th with an exciting match between hosts France and powerhouse New Zealand in Paris. The tournament features strong teams in pools A and B, such as South Africa, Ireland, and Scotland, all vying to qualify from the same group. On the other side of the draw, there is an opportunity for Wales, Australia, Fiji, England, Argentina, and Japan to make it to the semi-finals.

Notable debuts and returns in this year’s World Cup include Chile, who qualified after defeating Canada and the USA in the Americas qualifying matches, and Portugal, who will be participating in the tournament for the first time in 16 years.

The TV schedule for the Rugby World Cup in the UK is as follows (exact details of the knockout stages will be announced at a later date):

Friday, September 8th:
– France vs New Zealand (ITV1 / ITVX)

Saturday, September 9th:
– Italy vs Namibia (ITV1 / ITVX)
– Ireland vs Romania (ITV1 / ITVX)
– Australia vs Georgia (ITV1 / ITVX)
– England vs Argentina (ITV1 / ITVX)

Sunday, September 10th:
– Japan vs Chile (ITV1 / ITVX)
– South Africa vs Scotland (ITV1 / ITVX)
– Wales vs Fiji (ITV1 / ITVX)

Thursday, September 14th:
– France vs Uruguay (ITV4 / ITVX)

Friday, September 15th:
– New Zealand vs Namibia (ITV4 / ITVX)

Saturday, September 16th:
– Samoa vs Chile (ITV4 / ITVX)
– Wales vs Portugal (ITV1 / ITVX)
– Ireland vs Tonga (ITV1 / ITVX)

Sunday, September 17th:
– South Africa vs Romania (ITV1 / ITVX)
– Australia vs Fiji (ITV1 / ITVX)
– England vs Japan (ITV1 / ITVX)

Wednesday, September 20th:
– Italy vs Uruguay (ITV4 / ITVX)

Thursday, September 21st:
– France vs Namibia (ITV4 / ITVX)

Friday, September 22nd:
– Argentina vs Samoa (ITV1 / ITVX)

Saturday, September 23rd:
– Georgia vs Portugal (ITV1 / ITVX)
– England vs Chile (ITV1 / ITVX)
– South Africa vs Ireland (ITV1 / ITVX)

Sunday, September 24th:
– Scotland vs Tonga (ITV1 / ITVX)
– Wales vs Australia (ITV1 / ITVX)

Wednesday, September 27th:
– Uruguay vs Namibia (ITV4 / ITVX)

Thursday, September 28th:
– Japan vs Samoa (ITV4 / ITVX)

Friday, September 29th:
– New Zealand vs Italy (ITV1 / ITVX)

Saturday, September 30th:
– Argentina vs Chile (ITV1 / ITVX)
– Fiji vs Georgia (ITV1 / ITVX)
– Scotland vs Romania (ITV1 / ITVX)

Sunday, October 1st:
– Australia vs Portugal (ITV1 / ITVX)
– South Africa vs Tonga (ITV1 / ITVX)

Thursday, October 5th:
– New Zealand vs Uruguay (ITV1 / ITVX)

Friday, October 6th:
– France vs Italy (ITV1 / ITVX)

Saturday, October 7th:
– Wales vs Georgia (ITV1 / ITVX)
– England vs Samoa (ITV1 / ITVX)
– Ireland vs Scotland (ITV1 / ITVX)

Sunday, October 8th:
– Japan vs Argentina (ITV1 / ITVX)
– Tonga vs Romania (ITV3 / ITVX)
– Fiji vs Portugal (ITV4 / ITVX)

If you’re traveling abroad and want to watch the Rugby World Cup, using a VPN might be necessary to unblock your streaming app. Make sure to comply with any local regulations and the terms of your VPN service provider.

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