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I am not at fault for Nikola’s passing, but I deeply regret his loss. He leaves behind children, something I am not fortunate enough to have.


Nov 21, 2023

On July 20, 2022, Zvonimir Vlahović (57) was accused of being responsible for the death of his neighbor, Nikola Samardžija (63), due to injuries inflicted during a fight. Vlahović stated that he spent over 15 months in detention, and feels remorse for the events of that fateful day. He believes that there are inconsistencies in the testimonies provided, and that the evidence presented does not establish his guilt.

Vlahović’s defense attorney, Mate Knezović, argues that the evidence does not support the accusation that his client caused the death of the victim intentionally. He highlights the possibility that the medication Samardžija was taking after heart surgery could have contributed to his death, and proposes that Vlahović be acquitted of the charges.

However, prosecutor Andreja Vrančić maintains that the evidence has undeniably proven Vlahović’s guilt and emphasizes his past conflicts with the law, including threatening and illegal possession of weapons. The prosecutor argues that Vlahović tends to resolve disputes unlawfully and that the motive for the fight was trivial. She also notes that Vlahović does not admit the crime or express remorse for his actions.

In his closing speech, Vlahović expressed sorrow for the passing of Samardžija and the loss left behind for his family. He also pointed out discrepancies in witness testimony and the evidence presented.
Ultimately, the court will decide on Vlahović’s guilt and his request for release on Friday, November 24.

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