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“I moved the pigs because they wanted to silence me,” says Trade Union President


Nov 21, 2023

Duško Pavlik, president of the Trade Union of Agricultural Employees in Slavonia and Baranj, confirmed to us that he was moving pigs. We had previously reported that Pavlik was mentioned in a criminal report from September of this year, in which five pigs were moved from Andrijaševac to Cerno despite a ban. According to the criminal complaint, the pigs were moved from Pavlik’s farm to Dragutin Bušić’s farm when there was a ban on pig movement in the restriction zone. This movement allegedly resulted in the spread of African swine fever in Cerno, causing damage to Croatian pig farmers and the state budget.

Pavlik acknowledged being questioned about the incident, stating that he transported the pigs in order to repay a debt to a man. He claims that there was no ban on pig transportation at that time and that he told this to the inspectors during his interrogation. Pavlik also expressed his belief that the ban only came into effect in the 7th month, emphasizing that he has witnesses to support his claims.

A press conference was held today ahead of tomorrow’s protest, during which Pavlik called on people to support their cause. He characterized their fight as a David vs. Goliath situation and urged people to join them on the roads for the benefit of Slavonia and their families. He highlighted the various irregularities in agriculture and the exodus of young people from the region, expressing hope that the newly founded union could help improve the situation in Slavonia.

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