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I Understand Why Many Forest City Condos are Empty After Spending a Night in One


Apr 3, 2024

Forest City, a luxury estate in Malaysia, has thousands of empty apartments available for rent through Airbnb. Despite their branding as luxurious properties, some visitors have found them lacking in terms of amenities and comfort.

Located in southern Malaysia, Forest City was built by China’s largest developer, Country Garden, at a cost of $100 billion. The sprawling estate covers four square miles and features towering apartment buildings with views of the Johor Strait and neighboring Singapore. However, during a visit in 2022, the area appeared deserted with many unoccupied units and few residents visible.

While Forest City predicts a population of 700,000 in the coming years, current figures show only 9,000 residents. During a recent stay at one of the apartments, it was revealed that even in a complex with 20 units, only a small number of people were actually living there.

In March 2022, the writer booked a night at a Forest City apartment through a property manager for $52. Similar units can be found on Airbnb for as little as $38 per night. The owner of the unit declined to comment for privacy reasons, as did Country Garden when contacted by the media.

Despite its ambitions to become a bustling metropolis, Forest City currently remains largely empty and underutilized. With thousands of apartments sitting vacant, the estate faces challenges in attracting residents and fulfilling its vision for the future.

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