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IDF Continues to Blockade Two Hospitals in Khan Younes Amid Israel-Hamas Conflict


Mar 26, 2024

The UN is once again working towards ending the fighting between Israel and Hamas in the Palestinian territory. Despite these efforts, the Israeli army conducted new bombings in the area on Monday and is maintaining a blockade of two hospitals where soldiers are suspected to be hiding.

The Israeli forces continue to besiege Al-Amal and Nasser hospitals in Khan Yunis, claiming that Hamas militants are using these hospitals as bases. Israel alleges that Hamas is hiding weapons and fighters in these medical facilities. However, Hamas and medical staff deny these accusations and have not confirmed whether fighters were among those killed in the recent attacks.

The Israeli military has reported arresting 500 people affiliated with Hamas and the Islamic Jihad faction, and killing 107 others. Operations in the Al-Amal area have led to the elimination of 20 terrorists through airstrikes and close-quarters combat. The bombings have resulted in the deaths of 107 people in 24 hours, with casualties reported in Rafah and Deir Al-Balah.

In response to the Israeli offensive, rockets were fired from Gaza into southern Israel. The international community is pressuring both sides to reach a ceasefire and allow aid to reach civilians in Gaza. However, there has been no agreement so far, with each side sticking to their core demands.

As the conflict continues, civilians in Gaza are living in fear and uncertainty. The situation in Rafah, where many Palestinians have sought refuge, remains precarious with fears of further violence and displacement. The mediation efforts led by the US, Qatar, and Egypt have yet to bring about a lasting peace agreement between Israel and Hamas.

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