If the issue of debt ceiling conflicts remains unresolved, both parties will assume equal responsibility.

The issue of the federal debt ceiling has led to negotiations between Democrats and Republicans. Both sides have been blaming each other for the negotiations’ failures, with Democrats accusing Republicans of holding the debt ceiling hostage and Republicans saying that Democrats are not taking their demands seriously. However, it is widely understood that if no deal is reached, the economic fallout will affect everyone. The public’s opinion on who is to blame for the situation is divided, with independents arguing that both sides should share responsibility equally. It is essential to avoid a default as it would cause job losses, economic turmoil, and retirement benefit loss.

Negotiators have not been motivated to reach a deal, and talks between the two parties have been suspended. The positions of Democrats and Republicans on various issues on the negotiating table are different, and this has led to difficulties in reaching an agreement. Despite senior officials’ assurances that the US will not default, it is not certain that there will be a positive outcome. Republicans have blamed President Biden for the situation, saying that he engaged with them early on and refused to give them enough time to come to an agreement.

The threat of default looms large over Washington, and both sides need to act flexibly to show that their respective forces are persevering. It is crucial to reach an agreement, but if a default occurs, lawmakers and administration officials want to know that they did not default. Ultimately, those involved may find that the public does not distinguish between who did what, and they will be held accountable for everything.

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