Importance of Mental Health Resources Emphasized by NAMI in Greater San Antonio

The pandemic has brought the topic of mental health to the forefront in recent years. With one in five women experiencing a mental health disorder in any given year, it is crucial to have resources available. For individuals like Sergio Salinas, who is balancing work, studying, and mental health, having a support system is essential. While medication and psychiatric visits help keep his bipolar disorder under control, Salinas emphasizes the importance of his support system, which includes the Greater San Antonio Mental Illness National Alliance (NAMI).

According to Doug Beach, the executive director of NAMI, the organization provides grassroots family support by educating, advocating, and providing free programs to the public. NAMI offers peer-led mental health education and personalized support groups, along with a “warm line” for individuals in crisis or for those who suspect a family member is in crisis. Beach stresses that events in one’s life can affect their mental health and encourages individuals struggling with mental illness, or who have loved ones living with mental illness, to know that there is hope.

To further address challenges to mental health care, KSAT and community partners will host a Mental Health Town Hall, featuring a panel of experts. The panel will discuss specific challenges facing children transitioning into adulthood and aging individuals from foster care. Those interested in submitting questions can do so through the City Hall broadcast. The event will begin on Wednesday at 2:00 pm and will be available on KSAT.

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