Improved Data Yields Enhanced Health Outcomes

Investing in national health information systems can help accelerate progress towards health-related SDGs. This issue will be addressed during a two-day hybrid (in-person and virtual) event on May 18th and 19th, 2023. The event will be hosted via Zoom from 9:00 to 18:00 CET on May 18th and 9:00 to 16:00 CET on May 19th. Simultaneous interpretation into French and Spanish will be available.

The world is off track towards achieving the 2030 health-related SDGs due to significant data gaps and capacities to track progress towards SDG goals, especially in marginalized communities. Fragmented approaches to collecting, storing, sharing, analyzing and using data for health outcomes are impeding progress. To address this, the Health Data Collaborative (HDC) partners will advance health data as a global commodity by identifying and promoting good national data governance and promoting investment in Health Information Systems (HIS) based on the SCORE for Health Data Technical Package.

The conference aims to review data governance principles, policies, and best practices from countries and partner organizations. It will propose investment strategies to strengthen the country’s HIS and document opportunities to leverage good practices. The expected outcomes include identifying gaps in data governance practices and health data, better alignment with partners on proposing strategic investment cases for a stronger country, and documenting opportunities to leverage good practices.

The conference will have representatives from nearly 40 countries and stakeholders representing the HDC. Partners will have the opportunity to discuss investments in HIS and better alignment with national priorities organized by partner roundtables. Mixed facilitated panel sessions and materials will be available in advance. The “Partner Roundtable” on the afternoon of May 19th will give partners an opportunity to think about how to better align their investments in HIS with national priorities. Joining the conference can help understand these discussions better.

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