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In 2022-23 MVC Allsports Trophy Race, Panthers secure 5th position


Jun 2, 2023

The Missouri Valley Conference (MVC) All Sports Trophy race for the 2022-23 school year was announced on Thursday, and UNI placed fifth. The Allsports Trophy is based on the average performance of the school in each championship sponsored by the Missouri Valley Conference. Teams are awarded points based on their position in each sport, ranging from 10 points for 1st place to 1 point for 10th place. The total points accumulated are then divided by the number of sports the school competes in.

For sports not sponsored by all MVC schools, the points awarded are reduced by the number of participating schools in that sport. UNI placed first in the regular season championships for volleyball and softball and also won the volleyball postseason tournament title. The Panthers reached the semi-finals in both the MVC women’s soccer and softball tournaments.

Illinois State won the MVC Allsports Trophy for the fourth consecutive year, with Missouri State finishing runner-up for the third year in a row. Drake finished third, and Southern Illinois finished fourth. UNI has placed in the top half of the MVC Allsports rankings eight times in the past decade.

During the 2022-23 season, UNI scored 7.812, the highest score since the conference moved to an average points system for awarding trophies in 1993-94. Baseball, basketball, soccer, softball, tennis and volleyball results are based on regular season games, with three bonus points awarded for each post-league season championship won in those sports. All other sports are determined by finishing in a championship tournament or championship competition.

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