In an attempt to set a world record, Nigerian chef Hilda Bassey spends 100 hours cooking.

Nigerian chef Hilda Bassey made headlines after attempting to set a world record by cooking for 100 hours straight. The chef, also known as Hilda Bachi on social media, created over 55 recipes and more than 100 meals during the Marathon Kitchen Sessions, a cooking challenge in Lagos. Bassey’s goal was to showcase the best of Nigerian cuisine and put it on the map.

The previous world record was set by Indian chef Lata Thongdon in 2019, who clocked in 87 hours and 45 minutes of cooking. Bassey’s attempt will need to be confirmed by the Guinness World Records Committee before she can claim the title.

Despite the grueling challenge, Bassey managed to keep her spirits up and even danced for her fans who had gathered to support her. Celebrities and local politicians also visited her during her cooking spree. Bassey admitted that she almost gave up on the first day but decided to push on and aim for 100 hours.

Her friend and supporter Uduak Obong traveled hundreds of kilometers to cheer her on, saying that Bassey was “just amazing.” Media personality Eniola Adeolwa praised Bassey for opening doors for young people in the African food market.

Bassey’s attempt at the world record not only showcases her skills as a chef, but it also highlights the richness and diversity of Nigerian cuisine.

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