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In April, the ECB Should Consider Rate Cuts for the Euro-Zone Economy


Apr 3, 2024

Inflation in the euro zone may not be slowing down as quickly as it was last year, but this should not stop the European Central Bank from considering a rate cut like the Swiss National Bank. Recent data from Germany showing a 2.3% increase in consumer prices last month, along with expectations of a further slowdown in the euro zone from February’s 2.6% pace, indicate that inflation is under control. However, the economy also seems to be struggling.

Policy makers have already hinted at a potential rate cut in June, but they should consider acting sooner. Introducing a 25 basis-point reduction in interest rates at the next meeting could help stimulate economic growth. With a long gap of 39 business days between the upcoming meeting and the one in June, delaying a decision could result in prolonged economic uncertainty as worsening data continues to be reported.

Taking action now could help alleviate some of the economic challenges currently facing the euro zone. By following the Swiss National Bank’s lead and cutting rates, the European Central Bank can show a proactive approach to supporting the economy during these uncertain times.

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