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In His New Book, Mayo Clinic Doctor Advocates for a Transformation in Health Care


Sep 11, 2023

Victor Montori, an endocrinologist at Mayo Clinic, has started The Patient Revolution, a nonprofit organization that aims to prioritize care in the health care industry. According to Montori, care has taken a backseat for patients and clinicians as the industry has become increasingly focused on efficiency, progress in processes, and technology. When care is neglected, people are simply processed through a system. Montori believes that there is a crisis of care in the country and advocates for a renewed emphasis on patient care.

At the Rochester Art Center, Montori attended the opening of “The Chronicles of the Chronic,” a new exhibition featuring 13 artists with chronic conditions or illnesses. The artwork in the show depicts what it feels like to live with these conditions, bringing visibility to experiences that are often hidden or considered too intimate to share. Montori believes that this exhibition aligns with his mission and goals by shedding light on the lives of these individuals.

Montori’s book, “Why we Revolt,” published by Mayo Clinic Press, outlines steps for individuals and health care providers to take in order to bring care and a focus on patients back to health care. It encourages patients to advocate for themselves and receive treatment as a person, not just a diagnosis. Additionally, Montori emphasizes the importance of patients gaining control of their own health information from organizations that may keep it for financial interests.

Despite expecting some resistance, Montori hasn’t received push back from Mayo Clinic, where he works. He believes that this could be because his ideas are being embraced or because they haven’t gained traction yet. Montori emphasizes that progress doesn’t have to come at the expense of care, and that advancements in patient care techniques and technology can coexist with a renewed focus on caring for patients.

Montori sees the importance of caring for each other as a societal necessity. Care is often viewed as something private, invisible, domestic, and feminine, which results in women being delegated to care roles with little recognition or compensation. However, Montori believes that everyone has a role to play in caring for others and that the COVID-19 pandemic highlighted this need when economic activity was halted to prioritize care. Ultimately, Montori’s Patient Revolution is not confined to the health care industry, but is a broader movement towards recognizing the importance of care in society.

The “Chronicles of the Chronic” exhibition will be on display at the Rochester Art Center until April 23, 2024. John Molseed, a writer for the Post Bulletin, covers arts, culture, entertainment, nature, and other fun stories that surprise him. He can be reached at 507-285-7713 or jmolseed@postbulletin.com.

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