In my opinion, if the GOP leads a default, it will have a catastrophic impact on the economy and cause further harm to veterans.

Rep. Mike Levin recently delivered a speech on the House floor, where he criticized House Republicans’ plan to cut billions of dollars from veterans’ services and benefits. He spoke about how the Republicans’ debt bill would reduce Veterans Services by $30 billion, eliminate housing passes for 50,000 homeless veterans, and cut 81,000 jobs from the Veterans Health Administration.

Moreover, the Republicans have introduced legislation that would eradicate medical funding for veterans exposed to poisons in the Treaty Act. Levin emphasized that Republicans are giving veterans a one-two punch, and they can say whatever they want, but this is what they voted for.

Levin suggested an alternative to cutting services and benefits for veterans: closing tax loopholes for the super-rich and making sure that the biggest companies pay their fair share. House Democrats are determined to oppose Republican cuts to veterans’ funding and will not reverse the progress they have made.

Levin stressed the importance of keeping our promises to our veterans this Memorial Day weekend and not defaulting on our debts. Mike Levin represents the North Shore of San Diego and the 49th District of Southern Orange County. He will also be speaking at a Veterans’ event in May.

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