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Include this food as a pre-meal option to cut calories


Feb 12, 2024

A study published in the “Nutrition Scientific Monthly” found that consuming vegetable soup before a meal increases the feeling of satiety, leading to a 30% reduction in calorie consumption during the meal. This is due to the hot temperature of the soup, the dietary fiber it contains, and the liquids that fill the stomach.

Another study showed that consuming vegetable soup before a meal resulted in eating 120 fewer calories compared to not consuming the soup. To replicate this effect without making vegetable soup, a concoction of crushed tomatoes, boiling water, garlic, sucralose, dill, and dry onion chips can be heated and consumed for a similar effect.

Aside from making your own soup alternative, there are no direct instructions for what to do if you don’t feel like making vegetable soup. However, the studies mentioned demonstrate the effectiveness of consuming an alternative hot, fibrous, and liquid-rich concoction to achieve a similar feeling of fullness before a meal.

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