Increased awareness of mental health services brought about by physicians and social workers

May is recognized as Mental Health Awareness Month and doctors at United Regional Health Care Centers are using the opportunity to raise awareness about the obstacles individuals face in seeking help for their families and children. Linda Alpert-Gillis, Ph.D., of UR Medicine, organized an outreach event at the United Methodist Church Emmanuel to provide resources to those in need. According to Alpert-Gillis, waiting until mental health issues become serious and children are more affected is not a wise decision.

Clinical Social Worker’s License owner of Sankofa Family Counseling Services, Khadijah Tillman is working hard to address mental health issues as well. Tillman acknowledges the challenges of mental health and it is a problem she faces every day. Recently, Gov. Hochul announced that providers specializing in providing children’s mental health services and working holistically with the whole family will be able to accept Medicaid reimbursement. She also announced a billion-dollar overhaul to New York State’s Mental Health Care to improve the curative capacity of inpatient psychiatric care in hospitals, expand outpatient services, and provide more resources to those in need.

It is important to stay outside of your family or friend group and talk to someone who is not critical or biased about your story or concerns. Therefore, people should seek professional help and support from individuals who are trained in mental health issues. Mental health services are an essential part of healthcare and it is crucial to raise awareness so that individuals can seek the help that they need.

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