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Inflation in the Eurozone Drops to 2.9% in October, Mixed Trend in Europe


Nov 21, 2023

Trade Review: Current reports, trends, indices, stock prices, bonds, foreign exchange, and commodities, as well as analyst recommendations, are all important factors in assessing the state of the global market.

European stock markets are trading in a mixed trend, with the Dax rising by 0.16%, the CAC falling by 0.2%, and the Potsi shedding about 0.5%. Most shares on the London Stock Exchange are trading down, with significant decreases in Ocado Group, Shell, BP, HSBC, and Lloyds Banking. Wall Street futures trade with minimal and mixed changes. The Nasdaq adds 0.03%, the Dow and the S%P500 rise by 0.1%.

Ido reported third-quarter revenues, which saw an increase of 6% compared to the corresponding quarter last year, thanks to marketing and streaming services. The company’s stock experienced a 2.3% increase in pre-trade on Wall Street.

In Europe, stocks indices (50, 600) are trading unchanged, with the DAX up by about 0.3% and the KAC down by a tenth of a percent. The FTSE is down by 0.4%. Volvo and Ocado experienced significant decreases, while inflation in the Eurozone fell sharply in October to 2.9%. However, it has not been announced that the bank will lower interest rates soon.

Asia experienced a mixed market, with the Chinese indices Shanghai and Hang Seng falling by about 0.2% and the South Korean Kospi rising by 0.8%. Real estate stocks stood out in trading after the government’s promise to help them, with Sunac China, Cizen, and Aguila Group all rising significantly.

In the US, the Nikkei closed with a slight decrease of about 0.1%, while Chinese shares are rising and the Hang Seng index is up by 0.4% and the Shanghai index adding about 0.1%. Xiaomi also reported quarterly growth for the first time in two years, despite experiencing a 3% decrease in their stock.

The market is optimistic about the end of an era of interest rate hikes in the US. Microsoft, Zoom, and Nvidia are all closely monitored as they release their financial reports. American bond yields have seen declines of up to a percent, and Canada will publish its inflation data this afternoon.

Oil prices are down, and the dollar weakened slightly against other leading currencies, while cryptocurrencies continue their momentum.

For the latest trends and insights in the global market, it’s clear that monitoring stock prices, foreign exchange, commodities, and indices is essential for successful trading strategies.

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