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Innovative ‘Invisibility Shield’ Conceals Users With Real-Life Cloaking Technology


Apr 3, 2024

In a scene reminiscent of a movie, a British startup called Invisibility Shield Co. has created a technology that produces a slight blur, similar to an object obscured behind frosted glass. The company’s flagship product is a 6-foot-tall “Megashield” that sells for $828, claiming to make multiple people invisible. These shields are constructed using ultra-large, precision-engineered lens arrays that redirect light reflecting off individuals behind them away from the observer.

By cleverly manipulating background light and redirecting it towards viewers, these shields create the illusion of objects behind them disappearing. While not achieving perfect invisibility, these shields offer impressive features such as being waterproof, power source-free, and eco-friendly, as they are made from recyclable materials. Invisibility Shield designer Tristan Thompson expressed that the shields are not only innovative but also fun to use and create.

Initially launched in 2022 with a 3-foot-tall shield priced at $354 and a smaller version standing at 8 inches tall sold for $54, Invisibility Shield Co. successfully crowdfunded on Kickstarter with a goal of “turning science fiction into reality.” The company raised $6,600 from backers and aims to ship the product by the end of the year. The latest version of the invisibility shield can hide multiple people, stand on its own, and be packed down to 2.3 inches in thickness, making it convenient for users to carry wherever they want to disappear.

Thompson shared the company’s ambition to push the boundaries of this technology and create a functional invisibility shield that can be easily transported. The success of Invisibility Shield Co. demonstrates how an imaginative concept can be transformed into a tangible product that captivates the imagination.

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