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Insights from the Field: Enhancing Business Books


Sep 8, 2023

I recently had the opportunity to speak with Josh Bernoff, a well-known author in the field of business writing. In our conversation, Bernoff shared some valuable insights based on his extensive experience and unique perspective. These insights are particularly useful for those interested in making an impact in the world of business literature.

One key point Bernoff emphasized is that business books have the power to elevate thinkers to prominence. They are not just collections of ideas, but catalysts that can propel individuals to new heights of recognition. Bernoff himself has been involved in book projects that have generated over $20 million for their authors. However, the benefits go beyond financial gain. A well-crafted business book can boost a career, establish authority, and open doors to new opportunities. It’s about making a lasting impact and contributing to the knowledge pool of the industry.

Thought leadership is highly sought after in the business world, as it enables individuals to influence, guide, and inspire others. A business book is a powerful tool that can help achieve this position. However, Bernoff emphasizes the importance of having an author’s platform in the digital age. The platform supports the book and acts as a conduit to readers. It not only serves as a promotional tool but also allows authors to engage with their audience, understand their needs, and provide value. Building a community around the book’s topic is crucial.

In order to engage readers effectively, Bernoff suggests beginning the book with a compelling and urgent problem or challenge. This initial chapter should grab the reader’s attention and make them curious to learn more. By presenting a relatable problem and promising a solution, authors can create a sense of urgency that keeps readers hooked throughout the book.

Bernoff also emphasizes the importance of incorporating stories and evidence into a business book. Stories provide context and credibility to ideas, making them tangible and relatable. They help bring the book to life and guide readers through their own business challenges. Additionally, differentiation is key in writing a successful business book. It needs to stand out from others in the same space and offer a unique perspective or value proposition.

Ultimately, writing a business book is about more than just presenting ideas. It’s about transforming the reader’s thinking and making a difference in the world of business. Bernoff’s book, “Build a Better Business Book: How to Plan, Write, and Promote a Book That Matters,” is a valuable resource for aspiring and established business authors.

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