Inspiring Bristol Car Boot Hustle Project Motivates Boy to Launch His Own Business

A five-week plan called Carboot Hustle was created by Bristol entrepreneur Clayton Planter for two teams of 12- to 15-year-olds to auction and resell warehouse merchandise, giving them an “entrepreneurial spirit” and an opportunity to “believe in themselves.” 12-year-old Jakai, who attended the session during the 2022 summer vacation, said he got started on his own business after the project, selling clothes that he bought and made nice and clean. Jakai had never done anything like it before, but soon found himself a “good salesman” who chooses his own records to sell. Jakai expressed gratitude to Clayton for the opportunity and suggested doing more with these kids to show that we can make money and keep them off the streets.

Mr. Planter, the founder of Car Boot Hustle, said the project gave participants an “entrepreneurial spirit” and helped them believe in themselves more. It worked, and they got away from their cellphones and learned how to start a business and get up early in the morning to work and interact with the community. The scheme was sponsored by Bristol City Council’s Peter de Boer, who said young people had “grown up” with the scheme. Young people were rewarded with KFC, which was used as a debriefing session, after which Mr. Clayton led the rally. Mr. Planter is looking for sponsors nationwide to continue the project and plans to make it a TV or online series like “bargain hunts for young people.” The Car Boot Hustle scheme will be run from July to September.

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