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Intel broadens AI PC Acceleration initiative for developers


Mar 26, 2024

Intel has announced an expansion of its computer acceleration program with artificial intelligence (AI), allowing developers to access and work with a kit with the Asus NUC 14 Pro. Computers or PCs with AI capabilities have recently entered the market, driven by the Intel Core Ultra processor which includes a neural processing unit (NPU) to enhance multitasking performance.

Intel’s chips have AI acceleration capabilities distributed across the CPU, GPU (Intel Arc), and NPU (Intel AI Boost). Working closely with Microsoft, Intel has introduced programs like the Copilot generative AI assistant to bring AI technology to a wider ecosystem of partners and vendors.

The AI PC Acceleration program aims to speed up AI development in the PC sector and aims to reach over 100 million computers by 2025. Intel’s expansion now includes availability for developers, offering access to frameworks, libraries, tools, optimized models, and development kits with the Asus NUC 14 Pro powered by the Intel Core Ultra processor.

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