Interviews with Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger and Head of Accessibility Darryl Adams: Exploring the Development of Hearing Medicine Technology and Other Topics.

Intel has announced an initiative to make hearing aids more accessible to everyone, in collaboration with non-profit startup 3DP4ME. Through 3D printing, Intel aims to create custom-fitted hearing aids that are faster and cheaper to produce than traditional methods, which are often prohibitively expensive. Intel’s partnership with 3DP4ME is part of several internal projects aimed at improving access to assistive devices and integrating them with other technologies. Intel’s ultimate goal is to democratize hearing solutions worldwide. Improvements in hearing aid connectivity, audio fidelity, and the development of inclusive technologies in the form of Intel’s RISE Technology He initiative are also part of Intel’s ongoing efforts to make accessibility a priority.

Darryl Adams, Intel’s director of accessibility, has retinitis pigmentosa and is deaf in one ear due to a surgical accident. He wants to make computing and access to digital information more accessible to everyone and make Intel the employer of choice for people with disabilities. Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger also acknowledges the importance of accessibility, given his family history of hearing loss. Intel’s approach emphasizes the potential of technology to improve lives and unlock new possibilities. The goal is to create a future where technology works for everyone, with intentional awareness of accessibility and integrating people with disabilities into the product design lifecycle.

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