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Intuit Unveils New AI Assistant


Sep 10, 2023

This week in tech, there were several important developments that could affect your business. Here are five of them that you may have missed:

1) Intuit has introduced “Intuit Assist,” an AI-powered financial assistant for small businesses and consumers. This assistant is programmed to provide concrete answers to financial questions, helping individuals and small businesses achieve financial success.

2) Zoom has added a new feature called “Notes” to its platform. This feature allows users to create and edit documents in real-time during virtual meetings, reducing the need to switch between different writing/editing software.

3) Google Chat now integrates with Slack and Microsoft Teams, thanks to a collaboration between Google and IT company Mio. This compatibility ensures smooth communication between different chat platforms, avoiding any glitches or lost messages.

4) WhatsApp has launched a new Mac app that supports group calls of up to 32 people and video calls of up to 8 people. This expansion brings WhatsApp closer to competing with platforms like Zoom, making it a good option for professionals.

5) AI video generators are now available to create professional-quality content. While still in its early stages, these tools offer the ability to transform text into engaging visuals for videos. However, caution should be exercised as the technology is not yet perfect for professional use.

Overall, these developments highlight the growing integration of AI and technology in business operations, offering new opportunities for efficiency and productivity.

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