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Investing in Public Health: Why Porter County Cannot Afford to Succumb to Vaccine Conspiracy Theories


Jun 10, 2023

Governor Eric Holcomb has announced a historic investment in public health, public safety, and public education through the state budget. This has led to increased funding for the Porter County health department, with the potential for several million dollars in 2024 and 2025. These funds will be used to support core services such as communicable disease prevention and control, chronic disease prevention and mitigation, maternal and child health, and emergency preparedness. However, there are concerns that the investment may not be approved due to the opposition from two Republican Porter County Commissioners, Barb Regnitz and Jim Biggs.

As a doctor who has treated and unfortunately had to sign too many death certificates due to COVID-19, I urge people to support public health investment. This funding will help communities become healthier, and people will live better and longer lives. The investment comes from the state’s budget surplus and will not impose new taxes. It is essential to support this investment to improve public health in our community.

To secure the funds for Porter County, the county health department must involve local community partners to create a budget that meets the necessary requirements. Commissioners must approve the budget. Democratic Commissioner Laura Blaney (D-South) has already pledged to vote for the fund. However, there is a risk that Biggs and Regnitz may vote against the investment due to their anti-vaccine and COVID-19 conspiracy views.

Investing in public health has been proven to benefit everyone, as demonstrated by states that have expanded Medicaid enrollment. Therefore, it is essential to ensure that the investment in public health is approved by all parties to improve public health in Porter County.

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