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Iran Enlists British Muslims to Gather Intelligence on Jewish Community


Feb 10, 2024

The Daily Mail reported that Israel has sent Britain an increased number of warnings about possible attacks by Iran and its affiliates following the massacre by Hamas on October 7. An Israeli official stated that there are concerns about the extent of British agents in Britain and Europe and emphasized the need for vigilance to prevent possible attacks. In addition, experts have suggested that Iranian students who come to study at British universities may potentially be used as spies.

The source also expressed the belief that even with increased warnings, all it takes is one agent to slip under the radar. The concern is that Iran and its affiliates may be using British and European soil as a base for attacks against Israel, and the increased number of warnings sent to Britain reflects this concern. This suggests that there may be a serious security threat posed by Iranian operatives in Europe.

Moreover, experts have claimed that Iranian students who win scholarships and come to study at British universities may be used as spies. This adds another layer to the concern about potential Iranian threats in Britain. The warnings from Israel point to a serious security concern, and the need for vigilance and caution in dealing with individuals affiliated with Iran and its interests.

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