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Is Android support going to continue?


Nov 21, 2023

rewrite this content and create paragraphs Huawei’ There is little time left until the release of HarmonyOS Next, the new version of HarmonyOS, its own operating system. The new one called HarmonyOS Next HarmonyOS It was claimed that the version will not support applications made for Android. This claim was denied with the statement made by the company.In May 2019, the USA banned Huawei from using American technology. This unfortunately meant that the brand could no longer use Google services under Android. For this reason, Huawei announced its own operating system, HarmonyOS, in August 2019.HarmonyOS was based on the open source version of the Android operating system and fully supports applications made for Android. It was claimed that the new HarmonyOS version, called HarmonyOS Next, will not support applications made for Android.However, this is not entirely true according to statements from Huawei executives. Speaking to CHIP Online, company executives made the following statement:“HarmonyOS operating system is an operating system developed in accordance with these needs in the Internet of Everything (IoE) era. It provides a shared language that allows you to experience smart and connected features on different devices. HarmonyOS 4 operating system was installed on more than 100 million devices in a short period of 3 months. “There are currently no plans to distribute HarmonyOS for devices outside China. At this point, Huawei users outside China will continue to use Android-based applications as usual with the EMUI operating system.”As can be understood from this statement, it is not the case that Android applications will not be supported on Huawei’s devices sold outside China. The company will continue to use the EMUI-supported Android operating system, and Android applications will continue to be fully supported. The application will only be valid within China.Last August, Huawei held the Huawei Developers Conference 2023 and announced a new version of Harmony OS called HarmonyOS Next at the event. The developer preview of the next version of the operating system is planned to be released in the 1st quarter of 2024. This will be followed by a public launch of the operating system.Exploring the Tactical Utility of CS2 Grenades: Effective Strategies and Applications? – Questions and Answers – The Malachite Forest Forum
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