Is Ashton Kutcher’s unusual coffee request both bizarre and nutritious?

Modern celebrities have a certain power in dictating what becomes a global trend. It seems that the moment they mention something, everyone starts following it. For instance, a recent trend that has been sweeping social media is adding orange juice to coffee.

This particular trend gained popularity after an interview on The Kelly Clarkson Show in which the interviewee mentioned that he usually drinks a little orange juice with his morning coffee. He soon became a hot topic on overseas sites like TikTok and Instagram. However, some people are left wondering whether adding orange juice is really a healthy choice.

In an interview with Well & Good, a factory owner expressed her shock at this new trend. Although she thinks it’s okay to try it out, she personally believes that this pairing is a red line. According to her, the juice completely changes the taste of coffee. This is because coffee and orange juice have very different levels of acidity.

Another expert who expressed her disgust at this trend is nutritionist Christina Manian RDN, a board-certified dietician and food systems expert. She warns that combining coffee and juice can disrupt the digestive system. This combination increases the production of acid in the stomach, which can lead to heartburn and stomach pain. Additionally, coffee contains compounds called tannins, which are powerful antioxidants that contribute to health. On the other hand, oranges can interfere with the absorption of vitamin C, the healthiest ingredient in juice. To ensure maximum vitamin C absorption, Christina recommends waiting an hour before drinking juice and coffee.

Another trend that has been sweeping social media involves adding protein powder to coffee in order to make it healthier for athletes. However, researchers have yet to find enough evidence to prove it’s effectiveness. It might be best just to enjoy the taste of coffee on its own.

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