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Is it likely that the Chiefs will win the vote for stadium renovation on Tuesday?


Apr 2, 2024

Today is a crucial day for the Chiefs and Royals as Jackson County, Missouri voters will decide whether to extend a sales tax to fund a renovated football stadium and a new baseball stadium. The polling suggests a close race, adding to the tension surrounding the outcome.

The Chiefs have been vocal about their desire for the tax extension and have hinted at the possibility of leaving Kansas City if it doesn’t pass. Some fans are indifferent, assuming the team will relocate within the area. However, history has shown that teams can and will move to cities that offer more favorable deals.

The threat of relocation is a common theme in stadium politics, with teams often leveraging it to secure funding from their current cities. Cities like Indianapolis, Baltimore, and Las Vegas have welcomed teams that were dissatisfied with their previous homes. This trend raises concerns about the future of the Chiefs in Kansas City.

If the tax extension fails to pass, will the Chiefs pursue opportunities in other cities that are more willing to accommodate their demands? The outcome of the voter’s decision will determine the next steps for the future of sports in Kansas City.

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