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Is Patrick Mahomes on track to surpass Tom Brady as the greatest QB of all time? The latest Super Bowl victory ignites the discussion.


Feb 12, 2024

The Kansas City Chiefs had a dominant postseason this year, led by head coach Andy Reid and quarterback Patrick Mahomes. Despite a challenging regular season, the Chiefs won multiple playoff games, including a Super Bowl win against the San Francisco 49ers.

Patrick Mahomes has made an impressive mark on the NFL throughout his young career. His playoff win percentage and success in Super Bowl games rival those of legendary quarterback Tom Brady. He has already achieved many milestones and continues to build on his legacy.

Mahomes’ playoff win percentage of .833 is the highest of any quarterback with at least 15 postseason starts. The Chiefs’ latest postseason run was especially notable, as their offense was not as explosive as in the past and Mahomes made his first two postseason road starts. Despite being underdogs in three of their four postseason games, the Chiefs emerged victorious each time.

While Tom Brady is often referred to as the “GOAT” (Greatest of All Time), Patrick Mahomes is quickly emerging as a player on the same level. At 28 years old, he has already achieved an impressive amount of success in the NFL.

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