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ISIS-K, the affiliate of Islamic State responsible for the Moscow attack


Mar 26, 2024

On Friday, a few hours after the terrorist attack at the Crocus City Hall in Moscow, the Islamic State claimed responsibility for the massacre. The latest report from authorities on Monday shows at least 137 dead and 182 injured, making it the worst attack in Russia in the last 20 years. The Islamic State of Khorasan (ISIS-K), a subsidiary of the central command, claimed responsibility for the attack through publications on the terrorist group’s propaganda agency and on Telegram.

According to official information, armed men entered the Crocus City Hall concert hall on Friday at 8:00 p.m. local time, where a concert was taking place. They opened fire on the attendees, killing many before continuing their attack in the shopping center within the building. The terrorists were armed with automatic weapons and incendiary devices that they used to set fire to the venue.

The Islamic State initially claimed responsibility for the attack without explaining the motivation. Subsequent posts and videos posted on various platforms showed the attackers and the brutality of the attack. Over the weekend, more details emerged, including the arrest of 11 suspects linked to the attack.

ISIS-K, based in Afghanistan, has a history of extreme violence and has targeted various locations in the region. The group aims to establish a caliphate in Central Asia, specifically in the historical region of Khorasan. The group’s leader, Shehab al-Muhajir, has been instrumental in revitalizing the organization and orchestrating attacks both in and outside of Afghanistan.

The attack in Moscow marks a significant escalation of ISIS-K’s operations and demonstrates their intent to target not only Russia but also Western interests. Motivated by historical grievances with Russia and their support for regimes in Syria and Afghanistan, ISIS-K poses a significant threat to global security. The attack in Moscow serves as a wake-up call for the international community to be vigilant and prepared for future attacks.

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