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Israeli Army’s Next Incursion in Rafah Confirmed by Netanyahu


Feb 11, 2024

Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, has announced that military forces will enter the city of Rafah in the Gaza Strip to finish off the remaining battalions of Hamas. He stated that the civilian population of Rafah will have to leave the area, but did not provide details of their destination.

Netanyahu made these comments in an interview with the American network ABC, and while he mentioned granting safe passage for civilians to leave, he did not give specifics about the fate of the population. The United Nations estimates that half of Gaza’s inhabitants are crowded in Rafah and surrounding areas, and various organizations have warned of the serious humanitarian impact that an offensive in the area would have.

Despite international warnings and calls against the deployment, Netanyahu has rejected them, stating that entering Rafah is necessary for their war effort. Allies of Israel such as Germany have warned of the catastrophic tragedy that could occur in the city if the Israeli Army enters, while countries related to the Palestinian cause such as Saudi Arabia and Jordan have requested an urgent meeting of the United Nations Security Council about this future incursion.

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