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Israeli attack on Gaza hospital results in death of 12 Palestinians


Nov 20, 2023

Israeli tanks have gathered around an Indonesian hospital in northern Gaza following reports of the deaths of 12 Palestinians and many injuries. The Israeli military did not immediately confirm the reports from the hospital, which was built in 2016 with funds from Indonesian organizations. The hospital has ceased operations amid the ongoing conflict. The health ministry in Gaza stated that approximately 700 people are inside the hospital, including medical personnel and wounded individuals.

Health officials said that at least 14 Palestinians were killed in two Israeli airstrikes on homes in the town of Rafah, near the border with Egypt. The Israeli military has claimed to have killed three Hamas commanders and a group of Palestinian fighters, but did not provide specific information on locations. As the fighting continues, a ceasefire agreement may be imminent, according to US and Israeli officials.

Israeli forces are trying to advance on the town of Jabalia, where there have been heavy fighting and many civilian deaths. Local eyewitnesses claim that militants are waging a guerrilla war in various parts of the city. However, Israel has announced that military operations will temporarily cease between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. to allow residents of certain neighborhoods to travel south.

The conflict has taken a heavy humanitarian toll, with thousands of Palestinians killed or injured. The ongoing Israeli bombardment of Gaza has led to significant suffering and loss of life. The conflict between Hamas militants and Israeli forces has resulted in significant casualties on both sides.

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