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Israeli Hackers Claim Responsibility for Shutting Down Lebanese Airport After Attack on Iran


Nov 21, 2023

At the end of their message, the group responsible for recent cyber attacks in Lebanon wrote, “This is a gift and a small taste for those attack group who thought they were great sages. We will continue to attack and disable systems in Lebanon with all our might.” The group, known as WeRedEvils, has been making headlines for their cyber attacks on vital systems in Lebanon.

This recent message was not the group’s first step in their cyber attack campaign. About a month ago, WeRedEvils declared that they had infiltrated the system that supplies fuel and oil to Iran, as well as other sensitive software. They also claimed responsibility for hacking into the servers of an Iranian company responsible for maintaining 15% of the country’s electricity. The cyber attacks have caused significant disruption and raised concerns about future system vulnerabilities.

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