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Israeli Minister Gantz advocates for early elections


Apr 3, 2024

Israeli war cabinet member Benny Gantz has made a call for new elections to be held in September, stating that this would increase Israel’s international support and reduce societal divisions. At a press conference on Wednesday, Gantz expressed his beliefs that a new election would be beneficial for the country.

Despite his demands, Gantz did not initially suggest any consequences if Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu did not comply. He also did not threaten to leave the war cabinet if his demands were not met. Surveys suggest that Gantz’s National Union party, a center-right faction, would be the strongest in a new election, with Netanyahu’s Likud party experiencing a decline in popularity.

The official date for the next parliamentary election in Israel is currently set for October 2026. Netanyahu’s Likud party, however, rejected Gantz’s calls for new elections, stating that the government would continue until all war goals were achieved. The possibility of an early election was deemed to be detrimental to the country and its societal cohesion.

Opposition leader Jair Lapid has called for the current government to be replaced sooner in order to secure the release of hostages, accusing Netanyahu’s leadership of lacking serious interest in their release. Many Israelis also criticize Netanyahu for not taking personal responsibility for the Gaza massacre that occurred in early October.

As a former general and opposition politician, Gantz joined the war cabinet shortly after the Gaza war began, playing a moderating role in important military decisions. Observers believe that Gantz’s involvement may lead to more balanced decision-making within the cabinet.

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