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Israeli mother wears shirt with abducted son’s picture, denied entry to UK parliament


Nov 21, 2023

21-year-old Almog, a discharged soldier from Or Yehuda, was set to begin work at a large communications company on October 8. However, his plans were interrupted when he attended the Nova nature party near Kibbutz Reim with a friend on Friday night. On Saturday morning at 7:45, he called Orit’s mother to inform her that the party had been closed due to “explosions and shootings.” He expressed his love for her, promised to keep her updated, and hung up, but has not made contact since.

After the magnitude of the disaster in the Gaza Strip became clear, on Black Sabbath at 12:30 p.m. Hamas released a video showing Almog handcuffed and frightened with four other abductees in a musty room, presumably inside the strip. This is the last sign of life the family has seen from Almog.

The family of Almog Meir Jan is currently in London as part of an informational mission on behalf of the Miriam Institute New York, which also includes families of those murdered and kidnapped on Black Sabbath.

This tragic event has left Almog’s loved ones in a state of uncertainty, as they continue to hope for his safe return.

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