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Israeli Startup Dotz Nano Raises $12M for Carbon Capture Technology


Feb 13, 2024

Nanotechnology company Dotz-Nano recently signed a 12 million Australian dollar agreement with an American capital fund to invest in the development of carbon dioxide capture technology. The fundraising round was completed with American capital fund Mercer, Street Global Opportunity Fund. One of the major investors in the firm is the Israeli venture capital fund SIBF.

Dotz’s advanced carbon adsorption technology utilizes plastic waste to create a solid filter designed to capture the carbon dioxide emissions from industrial chimneys, preventing them from reaching the atmosphere. The technology was developed to address the increasing concentration of carbon in the atmosphere, which is linked to global warming.

Compared to competing technologies, Dotz’s technology offers distinct advantages, including cost savings, environmental benefits, and high selectivity in CO2 capture. Dotz Nano CEO Sharon Malka expressed gratitude for the backing of Mercer, emphasizing that it provides the company with the resources needed to accelerate the development of DotzEarth carbon capture technology and execute growth plans.

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